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This SimCity game will be out on March 5 you can download it from Origin EA store or alternatively you can look in your search engine for simcity 5 torrent

Guide to Download Simcity 5

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You can Pre Order SimCity 2013 Limited Edition


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Since its inception in 1989, SimCity is one of the most popular city building simulation games in the world. The combination of complex city planning, clear interface and humorous cartoons left lasting impressions in gamers and critics. Since the original SimCity, Maxis has published several SimCity games: SimCity 2000, SimCity3000 and SimCity4. It has been 10 years since Maxis released last SimCity game. Next month, Maxis will release the newest version of SimCity: SimCity 5 and one word to describe it: WOW
SimCity 5 takes the whole SimCity gaming to the whole new level. It introduces several new features that will change how you play SimCity forever. Some of those features are:

Multi-City play
In the previous versions of SimCity, you can only play as a mayor of one of the city in Sims world. This version of SimCity enables multi city play, in which you can control many of the cities in the Sims world and let your cities help each other out. What’s more special is you can have your friend as mayor of the other city enabling multi player excitements. For example, you play as a city called “Las Torres” a city that specialized in gambling and commerce. There is no place in your city to build power plants to power up your casinos. You can ask your friend, Fred to build power plant in his city and connect his electricity grid to yours. In return, you will pay for Fred’s generosity. This multi-city play will enable you to differentiate your own city to suit your own play style
Intelligent Sims
The newest SimCity game features one of the long awaited additions to the series: intelligent Sims. In the previous iterations of SimCity game, your citizens tend to react passively to any decisions that you make for your city. Its different now in SimCity 5, your Sims will react realistically to your every mayoral decision. For example, building a nuclear power plant in downtown area will invite the wrath of city-dwellers that will make placard and protests your decision in front of your city hall. Sims will also have realistic daily schedule with day and night variations.Breathing, Living City
Yes, every decision you make will influence how your city will look and function. For example, decreasing police budget will increase crime rates in your city. You can see the increased crime activity by many graffiti around your neighbourhood areas. If you decided to increase health care funding in your city, more Sims will reach old age and you will see more old people wandering your city.

Customizable buildings
Buildings in this newest SimCity game will be different from each other! The days in your previous SimCity game when your city looks homogenous will be over. You have a fully 3D rendered buildings that you can upgrade yourselves with many functional modules to increase the value of the building. As a result, your buildings will look unique. For example, if you want to build a fire station, extra garage can be built to increase the number of fire trucks patrolling the streets of your city.


  1. Dominik says:

    I love simcity already pre-ordered it and so eager to play. Ive been playing since simcity 2000 and one this is one of byfar best games ever!

  2. Freddie says:

    I have been playing simCity when it was originally released by Maxis , Sim Ant ,Sim Tower ,SimCity was the start of Great Thing i’d like to try out the new SimCity as i can’t wait for it’s release on the 8th March 2013. I have pre ordered the SimCity Colectors Edition allready Thanking you Freddie Steyn South Africa

  3. xbobsix1 says:

    Hellp i really really want simcity 5 beta i have been playing all of the simcity game :) could you give me a link or something but please not anything with surveys cause im from denmark and we can’t do surveys :)

  4. Andrew says:

    How does one download sc5

  5. Ray says:


    I need to download the SimCity Beta.

    How it is?

  6. Simon Bouwman says:


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