How to get SimCity 5 download

If you are interested in getting SimCity 5 download, it would be advisable to have some information on the game. SimCity can be defined as a game that is open ended and is meant for city building. It can be played on a computer or by using a video game console. The game is currently published by Maxis which is a part of Electronic Arts. SimCity was initially published in 1989 and it has had several different editions worldwide. The game is one of the best selling computer games in the world.

SimCity 5′s game play is considered to be slightly different from the previous versions of the game. In this case, a player is provided a blank map to start playing. It is their duty to use the budget they have at startup to expand the city. As the city grows, the player is able to improve it by setting up special and government buildings. A player must also provide various services to his residents such as leisure, education and health services.

simcity 5 download

If you are interested in the game, you may be looking for ways you can get SimCity 5 download. Generally, you can be able to get the game from the publisher’ site. This is the best place to get the game as it will have all the information you may need about the game. You can get additional information such as game info, news, community and media.
You can also get additional services such as patches and updates from the site.

Apart from the publisher’s site, you can get SimCity 5 download from other sites. People who prefer using this method do so due to the fact that other sites may have a better offer than the publisher’s site. For example, you may find you can get the game at a reduced price when you buy from other sites which is a result of discounts and coupons they offer. You will have to decide the best method to download the game.


  1. Carlos says:

    Requiero experimentar la nueva forma de jugar y mas realista de simcity 5, soy un fanatico total de esta clases de plataformas, esperemos que se pueda, saludos a todos, adiós

  2. Vincent Gauvin says:


    This is the BEST SimCity ever created !!!! It’s fun that you added the possibility to be able to play in multiplayer ^^ Thanks for this game ^^

  3. gollo loup says:

    i love to play simcity

  4. gollo poul says:

    i love to play simcity,,,,,its one of my favourite game

  5. pinkmafia says:

    pls i want play sim…i want try the game kot….xD

  6. danny says:

    Good game

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