Tips to find proven working Simcity 5 cheats code

Simcity’s 5th series is one of the most highly anticipated simulation games this year. Its previous packages were warmly accepted by the gaming community so it’s not a big surprise. This unique simulation game is not just about creating your own city but bringing life to it. Aside from constructing high-rising infrastructures, you also need to build mountains, rivers, and other essential elements of a successful city. Others deem that these kinds of games are boring but Simcity avid fans will know that such claims are nothing but assumptions coming from those who never tried the game. However, Simcity 5 is expected to be filled with challenging situations and calamities to intensify gaming experience making it almost impossible for complete beginners to enjoy the game. But don’t despair since there are Simcity 5 cheats that can help newcomers learn the basics while enjoying the game. Simply follow these tips and you’ll surely find proven effective cheats for Simcity 5.
Read blogs and sites which features game cheats
Hundreds of blogs and sites today host all sorts of game cheats. Though majority of them offer tested and proven effective cheats, a few are basically using the fame of game cheats for selfish reasons while hosting garbage content. These sites are also often used by hackers to spread key-loggers and viruses so be sure to have a reliable internet security application installed in your system before visiting any of them.
Directly seek help from a Simcity expert
This is the easiest way possible since all you need to do is look for anyone you know who already played any of the Simcity series. It’s likely for him or her to know something about Simcity 5 cheats compared to anybody else.
Join active gaming forums
Gaming forums can be found in almost every corner of the internet today. Some of them host cheats for Simcity 5 so joining the most active ones is a must. But before you participate in an online gaming forum, be sure to check the date of its recent posts and how much replies it currently have to assure that the one you are about to join has good activity, giving you a better chance of finding the best cheats for Simcity 5.

so this Simcity 5 cheats code

How to Access Cheat Console

To access the command console, press CTRL+SHIFT+C at the same time. That will open the console, and you can type in ‘help‘ (without any quotation marks) to see a list of commands.

Keyboard Cheats

You can quickly change your game by toggling effects on and off or by adding a quick cash infusion using the corresponding keyboard shortcuts below.

  • ALT+W – Add §100,000 to City Budget
  • ALT+F – Toggle Fire On/Off
  • ALT+C – Toggle Crime On/Off
  • ALT+M – Toggle Health Issues On/Off
  • ALT+A – Toggle Air Pollution On/Off
  • ALT+P – Toggle Ground Pollution On/Off
  • ALT+H – Toggle Homeless Sims On/Off
  • ALT+S – Toggle Sewage On/Off

Goodluck with your city in sandbox mode

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