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SimCity 5? If you have played the previous installs of this game then you are as excited as I am right now. This is the 6th release in the SimCity games series. As a gamer I know you are disappointed after receiving news that this game would be launched on March 5th instead of February as it was expected. This game is available for a pre-order price of $50 but I am offering SimCity 5 free download here.

What will be different about this release? Well, where do I start? A new simulation engine called GlassBox is used to develop this game unlike previous games. In this engine, a player can see the impact of their decisions by clicking individual Sims to know what actions they are doing. The GlassBox engine is developed such that everything you see in the game is simulated from large city systems to a particular sim.

Some new features have been added such as the ability of a player to create unique cities from different specializations i.e. in order to increase the city’s wealth, you have to create more casinos and improve trade while if for a example a mayor wants more Sims, they will most likely build more universities, colleges and libraries.

SimCity 5 Free Download Here

Some great changes include curved roads and a multiplayer component. Your actions will greatly impact your neighbors. Whether you will be a good or bad neighbor, it’s all up to you. Just as in the real world, resources are finite i.e. coal. If you build your city around this resource and it gets depleted, your economy will collapse but other resources such as ground water are renewable.

This game is that is developed by maxis and published by EA will support both Microsoft windows and OS X. the beta version of SimCity 5 free download is available starting 25th – 28th January. Get your SimCity 5 free download here now.

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